New Obsidian Showcases: Dashboards, Movie Library, Menu Bar & More

Obsidian is a blank Canvas. 

You are free to choose your style and workflow. While this flexibility offers endless possibilities, it can sometimes leave newcomers feeling overwhelmed by choice.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see what and how other users are using the app?

That’s precisely the inspiration behind this article.

In this edition of Obsidian showcases, I will share some workflow setups, dashboards, Custom CSS snippets, and dataview queries used by the Obsidian users.

All of these showcases are collected from the Obsidian Discord group.

Minimal Homepage Dashboard

This is a minimal dashboard setup shared by rushi. It works perfectly on both light mode and dark mode. 

You can see there are titles and under titles, there is an indented list. This makes it easier to look for the information that you want. 

Another Dashboard

This is another dashboard setup shared by vxxv. But it’s not that simple. 

A lot of things are going on here. 

The clock on the top with a link to daily note and weekly note. Along with that, the links to important pages make it easy to navigate to important sections of your vault. 

The colors and the design of the homepage look visually appealing. 

MOC Note

This is a showcase shared by serpro

A visual approach for Map of Contents. Instead of lists, it has a card format with a nice-looking image on the top for each card. This as stated by the user, is completely dataview driven. 

Memento Mori Calendar

Memento Mori is a Greek philosophy. It is a reminder of the inevitability of death. 

A lot of people are scared of death. But as Leo Tolstoy said:

“Memento mori-remember death! These are important words. If we kept in mind that we will soon inevitably die, our lives would be completely different. If a person knows that he will die in a half-hour, he certainly will not bother doing trivial, stupid, or, especially, bad things during this half-hour. Perhaps you have half a century before your die-what makes this any different from a half-hour?

This reminder can help us to live a more mindful life.

You can create a memento more calendar on Obsidian now. This is shared by HananoshikaYomaru. It utilizes the dataview plugin to render the calendar view. 

Another minimal Dashboard

This is another Dashboard and notes setup showcased by Språkråderen

The user has also shared the template for the homepage so that you can replicate the setup inside your vault. 

Here’s the link to get the template

Movie Database Catalogue

This a showcase shared by massivenezia. It’s a catalog of movies created with the dataview plugin.

The user said all the movie details were manually added with a template and prompt. And the card layout view is from the minimal theme. 

You can check out the guide here on cards view here

Top Menu CSS

This is a CSS snippet Shared by oopzs.

This CSS snippet helps you to create a top-level menu on any of your notes. With a top-level menu on your notes, you can easily move back and forth between important notes in your vault.

Canvas Showcase

This is an image Shared by kopato. The user is using this canvas note to prepare for his exams. 

And the way they are organized, and linked with one another, it’s pretty neat.

Another Dashboard

Now you might be asking how many dashboards are you going to share in a single article. 

Well, it’s so good that I can’t resist myself from sharing. The vibrant colors and the way everything is put in place, its spot on. 

This showcase is shared by oopzs, again.

There’s a top-menu bar along with the task management system. 

Another Dashing Homepage

Not another dashboard, please. But ask yourself. Doesn’t this look incredible?

A visually designed homepage. And not just the homepage, but the entire vault is visually designed. It’s Shared by Elevict.

Datview tag navigation

This is a dataview query shared by rowan

"[[" + string( + "]]" as "",
string(filter(flat(map(file.etags, (x) => number(replace(replace(string(contains(this.file.etags, x)), "true", "1"), "false", "0")) * string(x))), (x) => length(x) >= 2))
as "shared tags"
where contains(string(map(file.etags, (x) => contains(this.file.etags, x))), "true") and !=

This dataview query will identify the tags in the active note and create a table that shares at least one of the same tags from the active note. 

It can help to view the notes in a similar category. 

Instead of relying on just backlinks, if you are using tags properly in your vault, it will make it easy to find the relevant notes. 

Planning with Canvas

This is a showcase shared by Jotham on how he used Obsidian Canvas to plan an Overseas event in Canvas. 

The video is a little too big to upload here, but you can check it out here.

Daily Note Template

This is a well-crafted daily note template shared by Lemons.

It looks neat and organized. 

I loved the way the user can visualize the Mood and Productivity in a nice-looking progress bar. 

That’s all for this article. I hope you found it valuable. 

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